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make-up courses with kaysey taylor

1-on-1 lessons

Your chance to learn new skills, industry knowledge and tips from Kaysey. This lesson caters to your personal needs allowing you to go over anything your heart desires! 

Lesson outline is decided by YOU. Organise a lesson to go over anything! Options could be (but not limited to):

  • How to do a full glam make-up look. Eyeshadow blending tips, my fave must have beauty products etc

  • Face/body painting tips and tricks. Learn techniques, where to purchase products etc

  • Basics to SFX make-up: How to create wounds from scratch, how to apply a prosthetic etc

  • Recreate a look from Kaysey or another artist

  • Lesson solely on answering any questions you may have 
    Q & A lesson

The options are endless! You decide and let me know the topics you want to cover and I will try my best to cover everything in the time we have together.

Time per lesson is flexible. Again, up to you. 1-on-1 face to face option or online ZOOM lesson.

Full day lessons available on request.

Price for 1-on-1 lessons vary dependant on topics covered. 

Email kaysey for exact quote.

Price starts from $100

To inquire or book a lesson, send a email to 


perfect your face

Perfect Your Face lesson enables you to gain the confidence and knowledge to create looks you love on yourself, with the guidance and help from Kaysey. 1-on-1 face to face option or online ZOOM lesson.

I tell all my clients, friends and family that you only get one face your entire life time, so spend some time to understand it and gain the skills to be your own make-up artist! The time is NOW to learn how to apply make-up to yourself and learn using the products and tools you already have!

You can decide whether you want to use your own products and equipment, or Kayseys materials or a bit of both. The option is yours!

This lesson can be from 1-3 hours. We can cover 1-2 different looks.  Available weekends and some nights during the week. 


Price: $120 

Using your own make-up and tools: $30 discount  

To inquire or book a lesson, send an email to

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